Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ole' Jack Schaap

Another Man Falls I think it's mighty peculiar that all of these folks are rejoicing and saying things like "I knew he was a pediphile!" That seems like an awful lot of glory in a man falling.
 I made a statement over at a place called "stuff fundies like" and made a statement about their glorying in the fall of that preacher in Indiana and they said that his sin wasn't a fall, and then followed it up with a bunch of other stuff.

The truth is, it is a fall.  Just like David's sin in the Bible was a fall (a gradual decline in position) so was Mr. Schaaps (I'm in no way comparing Schaap to King David).  I don't believe he one day said "Hey, I'm going to sin and ruin my ministry!"  He ended up there.  If you fall down the stairs, you end up at the bottom.  It started slow and then you ended up down on your back.

It's a sad day for Christianity when something like this happens, it's even sadder when supposed Christians glory in the fall.

We ought to be prayin for his family, the people that were involved and those people at First Baptist in Hammond, not gloryin' all of the internets about it.

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